Substance Abuse Costs Canadians Almost 40+ Billion Annually

Hard working and efficient employees can be your greatest asset; while sluggish, unreliable employees can be your greatest liability! The Canadian Centre of Substance Abuse (CCSA) reported that substance abuse … Continue Reading →

Producing Results!

Businesses and/or corporations, are a direct reflection of your senior management team. Every senior management team has a culture and a personality of its own; a set of distinctive traits … Continue Reading →

Retirement – Delicate Issue

With the demise of mandatory retirement… An interesting article was posted recently in the Canadian HR Reporter by Liz Bernier regarding the new retirement legislation. Putting pressure on older workers … Continue Reading →

How to Protect Yourself from Failure

 How to Protect Yourself from Failure – After the Setback November 28, 2013 inShare2,159 A failure is a setback that has left scars. When it doesn’t scar you, setbacks are … Continue Reading →

What People Want?

According to HR Specialist, “HR Answers You Can Trust”., Below, is a list what employees crave from their place of employment and what they don’t need!!!!!   Become the leader your … Continue Reading →

Battle over workplace drug tests just heating up following court ruling

It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the fine line between workers’ privacy rights and employers’ rights to ensure a safe workplace.  This article presents some interesting situations in which employers … Continue Reading →

Seventy-five percent of employe will have stolen from their employer at least once in their career. Additionally, half will steal again….

Unfortunately, many employers today are none the wiser when it comes to the impact of workplace theft. Statistics show that workplace theft is a serious issue, and the impact it … Continue Reading →